Bully karma x suicidal reader

When I was at primary school and in high school back in the s I was always bullied and beaten up by a bunch of guys. I heard along the grape vine these guys had horribly bad luck throughout their lives but the ring leader named Dean, I never heard about him. That was when I was 14 or I married and had my own family.

We moved away to another town km from Sydney. One day we were invited to a church by some friends. The guy who tells people where to sit in the church said hello and shook my hand I said to my wife that guy at the door made me feel very bad. So I checked him out on Facebook to find out if he was mutual friends with a few old school mates of mine. It turns out it was the same guy who beat me up every day after school.

I asked if he remembered me, he said no. I mentioned my name and where I lived. I must have made it public as all his church friends asked him about it. Hi Stephen. All those bullies needed and received some serious life lessons.

What they did to you and probably many others came back to haunt them. Just trust that nobody gets away with anything. The boy that was 15 is not the man at Male brains are not finished growing until they are Your nemesis had disappeared a long time ago. He may have had remorse for what he had done to you which drove him to the church, you will never know. I think as horrible a person he was as a teenager, you might have been mindful to have had a talk with him as the man.

The church might have been a stepping stone to healing which you still need.Originally posted by bnhasdaily. His finger hooked their underwear, yanking it down, the fabric pooled around their feet. The cold air hit their sex, possibly arousing them even more.

bully karma x suicidal reader

He turned [Name] around and pressed their bare chest against the wall, they shivered against the cold surface and their back arched to not hit their forehead against it. Kirishima tightened it, pulling it a few times to test it.

He pulled on it once more as trailed his finger down their back, the nail lightly scraping them from time to time. They felt confused for a second. Then realization dawned on them. It happened again and then again.

Squeals turned into moans as [Name] slowly became more and more aroused. They begged him to fuck them senseless after a while, the gag stifling their voice. They gasped as they nodded frantically, feeling his finger press against a certain spot. Kirishima started thrusting, eventually adding another finger. A familiar feeling pooled at the lower region once again.

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They closed their eyes tightly as they felt the feeling slowly becoming overwhelming. They half expected him to stop once again but was proven wrong when Kirishima continued thrusting with his hand, adding yet another finger.

They half-moaned half-screamed into the gag, the euphoria washing over their whole body, eyes rolling back, muscles twitching from the excessive feeling of arousement that was gushing through their body.

As they rode out their orgasm, Kirishima unbuckled his belt, pulling down his boxers and freeing his erection. Their eyes widened as Kirishima entered them in a swift thrust, their back arching from the immense pleasure that was engulfing their nether regions.

Originally posted by americana-ultra.Quirk: Ecokinesis Nature Manipulation: Most powerful when surrounded by trees or dirt. Limit: Her quirk is run by her feelings and energy. What ever she feels will help manipulate the amount of usage of her quirk.

She placed it on her desk before Tsuyu and Ochako had decided to join in on the conversation. There was something that most girls were curious about since they had started to notice; and it was something a touchy subject for her. Once her classmates have asked about what type of body she has, her cheeks were flushed as she waved her hands in front of her face.

Bakugou and Kirishima had happened to overhear their conversation and the girls had heard a scoff from the blond. The girls looked over, Ochako giving him a slight pout to why he was acting that way. Bakugou mentioned as he was just scrolling through his phone. Midoriya decided to join in on the conversation by showing the girls a picture of the three childhood friends.

Midoriya smiled meekly as she got up from her seat and gave him a hug. Ashido laughed at how Bakugou was so small and he growled at her, even though his cheeks said otherwise. I want to make sure to lend you some of my two pieces, to show off that beautiful body of yours. She covered her mouth to contain herself from screaming with embarrassment, Tsuyu looking out the window from their classroom.

She softly mentioned as she wiped off the sweat from her forehead. You replied stiffly before sending a small glare to Ashido. You still had your mouth slightly covered from the incident but you had started to slowly calm down.

Ochako smiled at your general direction before everyone had started to go back to their seats. Once you had fully calmed down, your cheeks were slightly puffed out into a pout after remembering what Bakugou had said. Aizawa had explained that all of the students will meet on campus and we will all travel together towards the beach. We get to spend the whole day at the beach and if we want to, we can leave after the beach closes. This was a treat from the teachers to the student from all the hard work that they had encountered lately.

After arriving to the beach, everyone nearly ran out of the bus to find their ideal spot. Ashido was dragging you and Ochako towards the bathrooms, already rushing the both of you to get changed. She gently patted down a bit of dust away from her jean shorts before joining her friends fixing their hair in front of the mirror. She groaned from the amount of embarrassment she had already been feeling. Yaoyorozu gently placed her hand on her shoulder, giving her reassurance.

She smiled at her before they all left the locker rooms. He roared as he tried to chase after them, all spreading out in different directions. He clicked his tongue before he had stripped out of his shirt and rang out all the water. Her mouth was slightly agape as she almost dropped the bottle of sunscreen on her lap. Yaoyorozu and Ochako giggled softly before bringing her back to earth.

She shook her head before blushing embarrassed once again and applying some to her arms.

bully karma x suicidal reader

Yaoyorozu replied with a smile and watched as she slightly struggled with embarrassment.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Reader, Steve Rogers x Bullied!

Protect him[Bakugou Katsuki x Male!Reader]

That you're not worth it? Trust me, I'll kick their butts. Dis my work. Only they can't speak so damn fluently in English. Holy shit, Katriz, Fiona, Micaella and Princess, if you see this please don't sue me.

Steve Rogers. You looked away. Your parents abused you and now you were very vulnerable to breakdowns. One harsh word and you'll cry. Heck, you even cried in classes. You're just a waste of time. Her dark skin and dark hair were not that perfect, but it was mediocre. She was also great at taking selfies, unlike you. You spend time with the Avengers fucking around. She was biggest mistake in the group. Someone might see her as nice and shy, but she was a little backstabbing pig. That left to Micaella.

Mics was your best friend once until you spilt coffee on her and now she spouted out all of your secrets to this demon girl group. But then again, she was civil and nice to you after that. Pretty quiet. The first two girls followed her, but Micaella stayed behind. You self-harmed, and she tended to your wounds at her house. Proves she's normal. She walked away and followed the group like a puppy.

You stared at the retreating figures for a moment before they squealed.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. If you don't like mature content this is not the book for you, warnings will be on every chapter.

Dreams can come true with all your favorite boys and girls here in my new shot section! Mainly BNHA but others will be featured.

Take your pick! Karma offers to tutor you in hand to hand combat in exchange for you doing his homework. There's a lot of awkward sexual tension.

You're trying to figure out what Karma's intentions are exactly. Meanwhile you're very busy trying to avoid any confrontation with your ex-classmate-turned-bully Asano. The characters are all aged up, think senior year High School. Warnings for a bit of violence and NSFW stuff :. Strange things haunt the news: All around the world children are going missing in masses, Villains are getting gustier despite the symbol of peace standing tall, Figures clad in white running about like dogs off their leads, and The moon blowing up- wait, what?

All this and more is on the plate of the renowned private investigator, Raira Takanashi. Having been isolated from the hustle and bustle of city life in the Takanashi family compound most of her life, she struggles to adapt to the social norms of children her age. As if things weren't complicated enough, her fathers' case returns to bite her too.

Now dragged deep into a world of heroes, villains, underground organisations and human experimentation; she has to quickly learn to sink or swim. The only things keeping her buoyant is a classroom full of social rejects, a shady online chatroom and an annoying raccoon.

How will she cope with the odds so terribly stacked against her? Maybe you were fated to meet. Maybe it was fate that made you meet. Maybe your meeting was Fate itself. No one can remember a time when these two weren't inseperable, much less the two of them. However, neither of them is an idiot, and they're both very much aware of their feelings for the other.

Now that they've both been moved to E-Class and instructed to kill their alien teacher, things are going to get interesting. After all, partners can be more than co-workers Be advised that there will be mature themes includes.

See first chapter for details.There was no more noise, no sound whatsoever. Everything was moving so slow, almost as if time had stopped.

The smell of blood enveloping your senses. You could hear the quiet sound of sirens coming to the street you were on. The obscure figure of Katsuki, becoming clear to your weak eyes. He was crying. Rather than feeling panic you were oldly calm.

bully karma x suicidal reader

Maybe that was because of how numb you were, or you were just too weak to do anything at the moment. Regardless, all you did was stare into his beautiful vermillion eyes, feeling safe and comfortable. You tried to look at your body but Katsuki just gently pushed you back down.

Slightly confused, but hearing you say those words made his stomach churn. Your eyes become more dull by the second, bakugou could feel your hands getting cold. Guiding his face towards yours, you give one last kiss, one that you both melt into. Warm, soft lips, meet with cold, dead ones. Keep reading. I was stressed from studying for a test so I wrote this because my mind could not focus on anything but ultraman tiga.

Anyways writing Bakugo is so much fun for me and I find him really entertaining to portray, so here, muah! Mina lightly pokes at a strand of your hair, staring as a drop of water drips onto the floor. Mina only gets closer to you, eyes squinting as she stares at the mark on your neck. Who gave it to you! Even Jiro, as uninterested as she looks, is staring at you curiously and your mind runs to come up with a name.

You did not sound sure of yourself. Does he go to another school? How tall is he? Does he have any friends? Bakugo only narrows his eyes at you when you motion for him to come inside and he takes a single step forward to let the door slam shut. His nose resting against the crook of your jaw.

This might not be exactly what you asked for, but… every victory should count, right? Just be thankful Katsuki is a nice enough guy to let you keep anything you can get your hands on. No sane person would be on the train at this hour, long before most people would begin to wake up, let alone start their commute. There were only a handful of other passengers in your chosen compartment, most asleep or staring blankly at the passing scenery or not exactly the type that would be willing to help a stranger.

Katsuki was among them, tucked into a corner on the closest row of seats, but the doors were closing behind you by the time you noticed his presence. Still, those red eyes wasted no time racking over you, taking in what they could before an acute, defined scowl took its place on his lips. Silently, he tapped the seat next to him, and you only hesitated for a moment before obeying.

How long had it been? Three weeks? It felt like four. Keeping track of time was difficult, now, the days always passing too quickly and the nights moving painfully, tortuously slowly. You lingered on the thought, as you took your place next to him, your movements stiff and every part of you itching to run.I also wrote this in the middle of the night, on my phone.

Admiraton - Akabane Karma x Listener {Assassination Classroom ASMR Fanfiction Reading}

Please forgive me? Beauty queen of only eighteen she Had some trouble with herself He was always there to help her, she Always belonged to someone else. They were both engaged, and not to each other. I drove for miles and miles and wound up At your door I've had you so many times but somehow I want more.

He had just been coming over so that he could spend time with you, and to surprise you for your birthday. I don't mind spendin' everyday Out on your corner in the pourin' rain Look for the girl with the broken smile Ask her if she wants to stay awhile And she will be loved, and she will be loved.

He hadn't known that you would go this far, but the blood on the floor Tap on my window, knock on my door, I Want to make you feel beautiful I know I tend to get so insecure It doesn't matter anymore. He knew his parents loved him, but this felt They knew every bit about each other, and they trusted each other implicitly.

It's not always rainbows and butterflies It's compromise that moves us along yeah My heart is full, and my door's always open You can come anytime you want yeah. Was that all an act for my sake? Has this been going on for long? When did it start? When will it stop? He was too blind to see what was right in front of him. He'd looked too hard, but he'd never seen enough. I don't mind spendin' everyday Out on your corner in the pourin' rain Look for the girl with the broken smile Ask her if she wants to stay awhile And she will be loved, and she will be loved And she will be loved, and she will be loved.

She hadn't wanted to wake up, that was why she had written the note, why she had cut deeper than before. Once she looked around, however, she understood. Ciel had come to visit, something she should have expected She sighed heavily, but then smiled gently and began to stroke Ciel lightly.

He shifted a bit, but then moved toward her touch. I know where you hide alone in your car Know all of the things that make you who you are I know that goodbye means nothing at all Comes back and makes me catch her every time she Falls. He smiled too see her up, but his smile was clouded all too quickly.

I didn't feel like I was needed After the scandal, everyone in high society turned against me You were the only one who didn't. Only you knew that it wasn't true, only you knew that I was framed. When you became truly happy, I didn't feel the need to go on. Life was just so My parents They all believed it Every last one.


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