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Walking around your house with earphones plugged in listening to you know what, like wasurenagusaXD. Worrying that someone beside you would be able to hear the moans of the R18 cd you are listening to. Starts to get really sensitive to people speaking near your ear It was already pretty sensitive in the first place anyways. Able to tell who the seiyuu is going to be for the drama cd by just looking at the character design. Despise moments when the heroine runs away from the guy when you just want to jump into their arms.

Getting turned on my licking and kissing noises you think you can be inmune to it by continuously listening to it? Trust me, from someone that has voice fetish that is impossible.

Bonus: Probably realising that your standards for a boyfriend is right now way too high for any human to perfectly reach that level.

Humanity Chapter 1~ My Jimin

Well these are just a few I can think about for now and if any of you want to add on please feel free to do so!! Hello, all you wonderful people! This is my first time translating a drama CD so I apologize if I get something wrong. If you really have to, then send me an ask so I know! Keep reading.

I hope you guys love him like I do. Like usual, correct me if I translated something incorrectly. Official Site. So, here are some of my favourite Rejet series Ive been daydreaming about creating my own heroines and bios in the same number amount as the characters in each of these series as my way to make them sound more interesting:.

I think what I can mostly see in my heroines theme for this series is…Autumn desserts and Halloween Candy. The PV does bring a bit of a spooky vibe to it too despite being inspired by Grimms fairy tales, thus adding that along with a Candy theme from the heroines I make in this would be a sweet and tasty mix!

To be honest, I actually got two themes to blend together for my heroines in this series! Link to download: HERE. Send me a private message for the password. Or send me a private message on Twitter imbarbygirl so I can reply to you immediately. Shinai Naru Thanatos Vol. Yeah, it is. Nice weather. I happened to see it.It has been quite long time since I updated right. I think I will have quite much holidays on the next months, so I am thinking of translating Tamekoi tokuten and Henai Kareshi both on that holiday season, so please wait for a little while.

As I was saying before, I started playing Touken Ranbu for some weeks. Do any of you play the same game? Please message me and we can talk!

Keep reading. Originally posted by aprilfebruary. S: About the Henai Kareshi vol. And when it comes to Henai Kareshi, I will have to prepare myself from now on because the dirty words inside are a little bit too much for me. Thank you for supporting me as always, Henai Kareshi Anon-chan!

I love you so much! Let me give you a hug! Originally posted by allthingsshabbyandbeautiful. Originally posted by abasketofgifs. It would have the similar meaning, though. There are sentences I paraphrase, also. I had to be extra creative here with the design of his clothes since the chibi version of him has really tiny details.

W, well… If I can be honest. S, so well. Somehow it looks sexy. Oh, that sounds effect comes from you and Abel corpse had a sex. Why Cain was shouting like he was seeing end of the world? Then I realized this was the same sound effect in track 3 and track 6 where the princess had sex with Abel living and Cain raped. But this drama CD is truly the same as the title— it was not disappointing at all.Please let me know if there are any mistakes. Reiji: Thirteen vampires… … descendants from the same lineage, all of them divided into three families.

Destined to obtain one woman. Kino: Agaiiin with that legend?

I have a “creative” idea (and its just for fun!):

Kino: We must obtain one woman, which is Eve. Once you get obtain her, you will become the Supreme King.

Reiji: Exactly. To be the Supreme King is the destiny that was imposed upon us. We must not let other family to overcome us. Shu: Haa … … How bothersome. Reiji: Shu, this is a matter of major importance for all of us brothers.

The person who obtains her, shall also obtain the world. Nevertheless, whoever gives up the fight, even if it is a vampire, shall get the worst of punishments. Keep reading. Cast: Sakamaki Laito CV. Sakurai Takahiro. Another favourite scene of mine from the tokuten drama cd that I got with the Sofmap bonus of Lunatic Parade.

I hope you enjoy! Kanato: Hey! Azusa: Ah…. Kanato-san, do you also want to try? Could you hurry up and let me finish this? Azusa: Right… Then, in practice, try carrying…. Azusa: Place this cake… onto the tray…. You use a coffee mill… to grind…. Kanato-san, have a try.

Kanato: No. This… is quite difficult so…. Come on, try it out. Hey, hurry.O, he thinks it will be fixed with mayonnaise again? Keep reading. Thank you!! You can find some stuff I post over at Otome Jikan here. Directly from DLsite. Hello… I am back from the depths of hell, translating this god damned sugar sweet drama CD… I swear to god, this CD made my ears bleed honey. BTW there is an omake track, but I shall have to translate that some other time as I took a lot of damage from this CD It was so sweet, I wanted to puke rainbows and butterflies ww.

His appearance is like that of a beautiful angel, but he is brutal and has no inhibitions. After his family was killed by a mafia organisation, he joined Amphisbaena in order to destroy those responsible for their deaths.

When he finds out that you are the target of the organisation he wishes to take revenge upon, he volunteers to be your bodyguard. My disclaimer - I am not a native speaker of Japanese, but I will do my best! Scene: Kuramochi is in the library! I cannot make them out for sure. This is why there are a couple of [??? The second I guessed at because knowing Kuramochi they are probably wrestlers, but I am not sure.

If you wish to share this translation please reblog or link to the original posting here on my tumblr. As a disclaimer please remember that I am still learning the language so you may find discrepancies in the translation. If anyone finds any, I will correct them! Main CD translation can be found here. Note : My computer did not match the timing up during playback correctly and kept giving me different numbers each time I went back.

I could not match up time and lines during this one and I apologize. I hope listeners can still understand this track.

drama cd tumblr

If anyone is confused by anything please feel free to message me. Androidays ver. Yuni has a serious and reserved personality, but sometimes shows his affection for you in a twisted way. Mechakucha Shitai 2. Nishizono Harumi A student at the school where you work, who is also heir to a furniture company. Anyone wants me to translate a drama cd for them? Haru is a really good friend.

And I just—. I really hope they cover something about their relationship in the show because this really makes me so happy. My heart is melting over these two now. My love for the series has came back.This is just a little part from it I recommend it especially for Eren x Levi fans,lol Sorry,my English is not perfect….

For those who understand Japanese,you can also listen to the audio file. So,basically the whole story is about Jean,Eren,Mikasa and Armin organizing a celebration party to Levi.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The conversation before Levi enters the room:. Jean:-Oh,we were waiting for you,heichou. Prepare the black tea for heichou,immediately! Are you restrainig your shit,or something? Makoto: See? Rei: Hyper…Brain…fufufu, very well! Snow and muscles… what a perfect combination!! Rin was pretty good, but so was Captain Mikoshiba. I was totally caught by surprised when a super high-speed snowball came my way….

Makoto: Haru was out of the game right away, and even though we all fought really hard, we lost… and all our clothes were soaked because of the snow, it was awful!

Makoto: And even though Samezuka team defeated us, at the final game, they lost to Team Nezumi no issho I think? Makoto: Huh? Did you want them so badly? Since Nagisa wanted that Iwatobi-chan figurine as well…. Makoto: uuugh! It really IS cold! Keep reading. I still have a bunch of Yowapeda drama tracks shared with me that I would love to share back with translations.Drama CD Translations.

Jin: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Yoongi! It burned my hand, so I punched it. It was getting a little chummy around here. Some of which have lost contact with their humanity, leading to feral and aggressive hybrids. So what happens when a new wolf hybrid clams her to be his mate. I have a tag list if you want to be added let me know! Originally posted by jiminxh. Your hand reaches up that was resting on his lower back, as you reach up to play with his blonde hair, the black and orange strains twist along with it making the cat hybrids eyes open, they tinted yellow-brown eyes stare up at you as his fingers started to knead into your sides making you giggle as he smiled a lazy half-smile up at you.

Keep reading. Hi guys! Track 05 is my favorite because you know :D…. But do enjoy it! If you want translation, I found one online so just search it. I just wanna know. I broke it. Namjoon : No. Look at Jungkook! Jungkook: What?!

Taehyung: Huh. How did you know it was broken? Taehyung: Suspicious. Yoongi: If it matters, probably not….

drama cd tumblr

Jin was the last one to use it. Jin: Liar! Yoongi : Oh really? Then what were you doing over by the coffee car earlier? Hobi: Alright, lets not fight! Namjoon: No. Who broke it? Taehyung: Yeah, really! Posted on April 8, 1 day ago notes. Posted on April 8, 1 day ago 1, notes.I am fully aware that this is not accurate.

Feel free to message and help me explain some sentences. Thank you for understanding! Now the contract is complete.

No way. Being able to be of use to you makes me really happy. Did you like that? Please try it right now. Love U Bung goods are originally from a different world. It is their sole mission to satisfy women.

drama cd tumblr

I just read this from another site so please forgive my cluelessness. He said that you can use it anywhere like attaching it to a door and use it for practicing. He saw how much Love goods you have. I was born for your use, Master. I love it! I think it connects to his own pleasure. Since you ask him to wait without touching himself, he feels more horny after you finished taking the bath.

Punishment time. I felt scared. Yes, your favorite body oil, various love good lotions, and etc, are all ready. Bitch is your Do-S side. It keeps telling me to lick and touch it. I want to do it a lot. No matter how cruel you are, I will never yield. I want to embrace you. I love you. I think it was hinted that you were becoming happy with Kaito with your side but sadly, he has to leave since you fulfilled his purpose. But since Kaito wants you to have happiness, he tells you that you deserve to have relationships with other people and wants you to stop distancing yourself.

Kaito tells you that, before, he also hates himself but because you chose him, Kaito learned how to love himself and became really happy with you. As the drama continues about you and Kaito trying to say farewell to each other, it went back to the contract of you having a privilege of having one wish granted.


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