Gibson mandolin

This page was authored by Dan Beimborn and originally appeared on the Mandolin Pages web site, now revised as the Mandolin Archive, a vintage gibson mandolin guide. In the spring of Dan decided to liquidate the Mandolin Pages and distribute them in various locations on the web. The Vintage Gibson guide was made possible in part by Maxwell McCollough who provided the beautiful photographs you see in the A-Model guide.

Information from George Gruhn and Walter Carter is used throughout the guide. This guide is intended as a starting point in a search for a Gibson A-model mandolin from the years The Gibson Company went through several stages of model design for their mandolins in the last years.

gibson mandolin

The early prototype models were hand-built by Orville Gibson himself, and are very thick and chunky looking as evidenced in this photo of his workshop with many of the earliest A and F model mandolins made hanging on the wall photo used with permission of the Gibson company.

The basic "A" and "F" model shapes were developed around the turn of the century, and have become the basis for most serious imitators since. Regular production began in the early years of the 's, and continued unbroken until the WWII years, and again afterwards up to the modern times.

The most generally trustworthy vintage Gibsons fall into the years, when the instrument was popular and many were produced. If you are looking to purchase a vintage Gibson to use as a playing instrument, the first good thing to check before even the price!

Strum it, hit chords, open notes, etc. Tune it up, or get the owner to tune it for you. If it doesn't sing, forget it- there are enough of them out there that you will eventually find one that you like. Get a general impression from the instrument how "played in" it is If it has the "unplayed" sound, it is harder to judge what it will eventually sound like. Instruments can take anywhere from years to really break in, depending on how often you play.

Sometimes instruments that haven't been played in a while are "sleeping", it can take a month or so to "re-break" them. Mine sat in the shop for 2 years after the first owner died, and it took about 2 weeks of solid playing to get it to have a "wide open" sound again. The best thing you can possibly do is try several different instruments. You will build a strong knowledge of the variations through experience. Remember, you are looking for an instrument that will have a very strong influence on your enjoyment of playing music!

If you've discovered a well broken-in instrument that you like the sound of, you can move onto the next step-- model verification. If the sound is "muffled" or unplayed, check out the following section.

A vintage mandolin that hasn't really been played much or broken in should be approached like a brand new instrument. The sound will probably mellow over the years if it isn't abused or mistreated into a sound that is similar to a broken-in model of the same vintage.

The important breakdowns are:. Compare a "Broken in" Gibson from the same period ; for a fairly accurate estimate of how the instrument will eventually sound. For the period of onward, try to get a near exact analogue because there are so many differences.

All of the above are signs of use and wear. They are not really bad in and of themselves, but they do indicate how much an instrument has been played.If you are interested in purchasing a used mandolin or vintage mandolin, our hand-picked selection will satisfy you.

All of our instruments are played prior to purchase and our inventory changes all the time. If it's a vintage Martin or Gibson acoustic mandolin or guitar you are looking for, we only offer the best, so check out our selection and I'm sure you will find something that catches your eye.

We sell stringed musical instruments, specializing in mandolins and guitars. As one of the major online vintage mandolin dealers in the United States, we have high standards for every instrument that we take in.

I will not buy an instrument that I would not play myself. There are cool instruments at all price points. I do understand budgets and that not everyone has the means to buy a Loar. That does not mean you have to settle for junk, however! Not only do we buy, sell and trade but we play as well. We do a lot of trading and will consider almost any quality stringed instrument you offer.

Perhaps a Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, or Jazzmasteris your thing. Or maybe you're a dedicated Les Paul or SG player.

Gibson A Model Guide

These and many other fine vintage stringed musical instruments can often be found on this web page. The selection changes frequently,and cool instruments arrive on a regular basis.

Keep reading for great deals! I do a lot of trading with just about any quality stringed instrument no pianos! Prices are somewhat flexible on certain items, depending on the piece and how much I'm wanting something else I have my eye on!

Sierra Hull - \

Digital images are available for all instruments - just click on the camera icon or the underlined name. Photographs are also available by regular mail. I always appreciate the chance to do some business, even if the deal doesn't work out.

If you see something you like, email, fax, or call me between am and pm eastern USA time zone weekdays or 12 noon until PM on the weekend. Trades of better quality US made instruments are welcome. I don't think anyone should have to buy an instrument unheard and sight unseen, so for mail order or online sales I offer an unconditional approval period for 48 hours after receipt of the instrument. If you want to return the instrument, call during this period and tell me. All returns must be insured and shipped at your expense.

I will refund the selling price of the instrument as soon as I receive it in the same condition as it was sent to you. Local sales are on an appointment basis. I buy instruments! Please email details of what you have for sale. Be sure to include your phone number so I can contact you to work out the details. That's it.

Gibson Mandolins

A hassle-free transaction is guaranteed. Mail order, national dealer, local customer, and online references available.This enforced quarentine is the perfect time to work on your chops and to finally get that tune under your fingers. And what better way to get inspiration than a new-to-you instrument? We are continuing to buy, sell and trade quality instruments - please check out the selection below.

Are you looking for a vintage Martin guitar or Gibson guitar, a fine Gibson mandolin, or a good upright Kay bass? Perhaps other brands of vintage mandolins are your interest. We often have a Flatiron mandolin, Collings mandolin, or a Ratliff mandolin in stock, and occasionally a Summit, Nugget, Monteleone, and even a Loar F5 has been found here.

Perhaps a Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, or Jazzmaster is your thing.

gibson mandolin

These and many other fine vintage stringed musical instruments can often be found on this web page. The selection changes frequently, and cool instruments arrive on a regular basis. Keep reading for great deals! Click on the instrument name to see pictures of the instrument. Click directly on any picture to load a very large image. Additional digital photos are available for any item listed.

gibson mandolin

I'm open to trades - what ya got? I'm especially interested in a good Martin guitar or a fine Gibson mandolin; will trade up, down, or sideways for these! As always, you have a 48 hour trial period on mail order sales of used or vintage instruments.

See the details under "ordering". All instruments listed below are available for sale unless marked "on hold" in the description. I do not price instruments until they are ready for sale. Please keep watching the page for the listing! We will be attending these upcoming guitar shows inIF the quarantine is over! Think Sam Bush!Mandolins have been a part of rock music for decades, and integral to folk and bluegrass styles for much longer than that.

Mandolin Family Instruments

At Reverb, we've got mandolins for all genres. If you're looking for something traditional, our sellers have offered instruments more than a century old. And if you're looking for something more modern, we've got you covered there, too, with acoustic-electric models that are ready to plug in on stage. A mandolin is a small stringed instrument, tuned in fifths. It has four courses of doubled strings, turned in unison, giving it a total of eight strings. The mandolin sound is typically bright and cheerful.

Mandolins can be strummed for a percussive sound, or can be plucked for emotional lead lines. A mandolin price will vary based on the quality of construction, materials used, country of manufacture, brand, type of mandolin, and more.

In the battle of mandolin vs. They have many similarities, but they are typically tuned differently and used in different ways. The biggest difference in playability between the two is the size of the neck and fretboard.

Though anyone should be able to play either, some players may prefer the smaller mandolin fretboard to a guitar, or vice versa. The difference is largely visual and a matter of aesthetic preference. To exclusively browse mandolins near you, reference the list of top cities and countries available on Reverb to search within a desired location. Folk Instruments. Popular Mandolins. Used Mandolins All Used Mandolins. Very Good.

Charango Ritcher Luthier with Fishman Pickup. New Mandolins All New Mandolins. Deals and Steals See More. Price Drops on Mandolins See More. Mandolins For Sale on Reverb Mandolins have been a part of rock music for decades, and integral to folk and bluegrass styles for much longer than that. What is a mandolin? How much does a good mandolin cost?

gibson mandolin

Is mandolin harder than guitar? What are the different types of mandolin? Mandolins Near Me To exclusively browse mandolins near you, reference the list of top cities and countries available on Reverb to search within a desired location.

Oops, looks like you forgot something. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Yes, that's correct Do not update.Vintage used handmade North American mandolins and mandolas Used handmade North American mandolins.

Recently re-finished by Weber. It has lovely dark bass and warm middles with clear trebles, a very full and rich tone with great playability and fantastic response from the lightest touch to a heavy pick. Plenty of cut and chop for bluegrass players and others wanting to be heard with depth and complexity making it great for anything from folk to classical. A superb all-round mandolin. It has rich and resonant basses with great sustain, warm complex mids and clear ringing trebles.

A fantastic mandolin for folk and old time music with a wonderful deep low and enough volume to be heard. In great condition and incredible value! I hope I look this good at 99! Gibson H1 mandola pumpkin top in incredible condition apart from the ding on the top and a few other very minor scuffs it looks new, its as shiny as a new pin! All original; tuners, tuner pegs, pickguard and clamp, tailpiece and cover, bridge and case. Ooodles of that wonderful deep and dark tone, there is nothing that sounds quite like one of these old Gibbo mandolas, the resonance just keeps going and going and going….

A fantastic Hoyer in great shape. I am told the original pickup works if you can find jack to fit. No case. A chance to get Rolfe's awesome Bluegrass mandolin at an amazing price. It's in great condition and has everything you could want from a mandolin, from great pop to richness, depth, subtlety and volume, fantastic for Bluegrass and much, much more with great versatility.

Buy it before I take it home With rectangular hard case. Now with solid ebony bridge and great action. In very good condition. Built in Gibson A1 used Out of stock. Plays well with that classic full and fat tone.The instrument was originally purchased by one Mr. Phillips, conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, where, in April,it suffered dam Photos by Bart W Youtube Video of Here's a wonderful early Gibson. Dated photographs help us estimate the date of this mandolin to, or the Gibson company's offical Black finish.

Thick pieces for top and back. Bridge is like as pictured in the first c Black, rope bound, hollow neck. Refinished in lacquer. Hollow neck construction. Frets appea Another instrument that was in the Chinery collection. Black face, inlaid pickguard, hollow neck construction. From early A model. Unusual inlay on this one, which also has a volute on the back of the peghead. Tailpiece cover is a replacement. Case does not look original Early bird mandola. EC- carved spruce top with tortoise plastic pickguard inlaid into top, fancy pearl design inlaid in pickguard, dual checkerboard purfling r Black, Handel inlaid tuners, "The Gibson" and a viney little thing on the peghead, inlaid pickguard, fancy position markers DB- follow Very rare instrument, appears in the earliest Gibson catalog.

The "rope binding" and pickguard inlay are the features to identify an F3.If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM. Unfortunately i don't have much voting power, but i will be back and vote my followers.

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