Wooly agouti husky for sale

By UkulehaileyDecember 29, in Off Topic. Excuse me if this is posted in the wrong forum. However, being the curious person I am, I was just dying to know what she's going to look like as an adult. I have searched and searched to find photos of wooly agouti huskies and have had no luck. I am wondering, is an agouti husky with a wooly coat odd or rare at all?

Have you ever seen one or do you own one? I would love to see! Thank you! I've never seen one She is gorgeous. An absolutely stunning puppy you've got.


My Qilaq is agouti with a dark mask, but she isnt and hasnt ever really been as fluffy as yours! Thank you, that's quite the compliment! Your husky is the closest I've found to my pup's markings Thank you for sharing! Also I would like to point out that s he looks almost like a Malamute crossed with a Agouti Husky. But thats just my opinion. I do not own these pics just an example of what she looks like. She is AKC registered as a purebred Siberian Husky; I'm unsure of whether or not wooly is defined in the breed standards.

I just know the genetics behind it - that's it. Believe me, I am just as skeptical I suppose? Even so, I think Malamute Husky mixes are absolutely gorgeous. I just preferred to get a purebred Husky because that's all I have room for. Wow, she is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what Saiya looks like all grown up, though I know I'll long for the puppy days again! What a cutie! It may be that the lines where woolies are more common have been more separate from the lines where agoutis are more common - I've seen more woolies out of sh ow lines, and agouti isn't as common for the show dogs.

There isn't specific mention of woolies in the standard, as such; here's what it says about coats:. The coat of the Siberian Husky is double and medium in length, giving a well-furred appearance, but is never so long as to obscure the clean-cut outline of the dog.

The undercoat is soft and dense and of sufficient length to support the outer coat. The guard hairs of the outer coat are straight and somewhat smooth-lying, never harsh nor standing straight off from the body.

It should be noted that the absence of the undercoat during the shedding season is normal Trimming of whiskers and fur between the toes and around the feet to present a neater appearance is permissible. Trimming the fur on any other part of the dog is not to be condoned and should be severely penalized.

Faults: Long, rough, or shaggy coat; texture too harsh or too silky; trimming of the coat, except as permitted above. Another page you might find interestingThe working class Siberian Husky, along with the Samoyed and the Alaskan Malamute are descendants of the original sled dogthe Eskimo dog Quimmiq.

Originally, the Siberian Husky was used to pull heavy sled loads by the Chukchi people of northern Siberia. During the Nome Gold Rush from to in Alaska, the dog breed was imported and bred as working sled dogs, but later became well-liked as a family pet throughout Canada and the United States.

The Siberian Husky is well known for being able to sustain their strength on little food while working in harsh conditions, being heralded as one of the most versatile and athletic working breeds. The Siberian Husky is known for being a loving family dog, but also exhibits the ancestral behavior of its Wolf ancestor.

With a very strong maternal instinct, the Siberian Husky will do well with kids when properly socialized, but will be a professional escape artist when fully grown.

The Husky will have an urge to wander, but exercising this breed properly will curb its potential wanderlust. The Siberian Husky is best-suited to live in an environment that gives it space to roam.

The Siberian Husky prefers not to be left alone for long periods, as they long for the company of humans or other pack members. If you live in a hot or tropical climate, the Siberian Husky may not be for you, as they love cooler weather.

It is recommended that any new Siberian Husky owner attend obedience training with their dog as it grows. This dog breed will be okay with a novice owner, as long as proper attention is paid building the alpha pack leader role with your dog.

Husky Puppies for Sale

As long as the breeding is good, a Siberian Husky should be a generally healthy dog breed. Considering the Siberian Husky is a breed with arctic origins, it has a dense and thick coat. Take one part prey drive, sprinkle in some sled dog, and add some wolf genes — that may explain the energy level of the Siberian Husky. They are an excited and jovial breed that will keep you on your toes, and you will tire before they do. The Siberian Husky will weigh between 35 to 60 pounds and stand from 20 to 25 inches at the withers.

Balto, the lead dog on the final leg of the journey, continues to be the most famous Siberian Husky and also one of the most honored canines throughout history. Independent doesn't mean long periods of time alone, just that they don't need to be always glued to you. Here are a few of the most independent dog breeds:. For some dogs, winter weather and cold temperatures are the perfect conditions.

Here are a few dog breeds that love winter:. Dogs from TV shows and movies can make us smile, laugh, cry, and wish for a dog of our own. These are the dog breeds of 13 famous dogs. With ancestry relating back to the wolf, the Alaskan Malamute is a striking breed and is the largest of the Arctic sled dogs.

The American Eskimo Dog, also sometimes referred to as an Eskie, is a Spitz-type dog breed that originated in Germany. They were originally bred to be watchdogs and farm dogs meant to guard people andSiberian Huskies come in a variety of colors and patterns so it is impossible to only use photos of our own dogs at this point. They can produce black and red offspring. Photo property of Novel Siberians. Their deep black color pigment is often associated with black paw pads and nails.

Black Tan and Whites have monochromatic black guard hairs and either black or charcoal undercoats; their markings will appear tan rather than white. Grey and Whites have black-tipped guard hairs that are white at the root and will have whitish undercoats.

Property of Novel Siberians. Agouti and Whites also have a grey undercoat and red tones throughout their coat, similar to Wolf Grey and Whites. All of their white markings will appear more cream-colored than stark white.

Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale

It should also be noted that "Red Agoutis" do not exist because Red Siberians lack the ability to produce any black in their coat, which would be required to be considered Agouti. Red will be more apparent on the top of the head, the hocks of the legs, behind the ears, and throughout the body; there will also be some noticable red on the face, usually around the eyes.

Sable and Whites are sometimes referred to as "black-nosed reds" because of the amount of red in their coat. They have a copper, orange, or creme undercoat which contributes to their very red color. Sable and Whites can produce black and red offspring.

This is an AKC standard color. Red and Whites have red-tipped guard hairs and either creme or orange undercoats. Red and Whites can only produce red offspring unless bred with a dog that carries the Black gene. The easiest way to tell if you have a Copper and White or just a dark Red and White is to part the hair near the skin, Copper and Whites will have red down to the skin and Red and Whites will have white near the skin.

wooly agouti husky for sale

We have produced Copper and White in past litters, like Ruby right and our youngest addition Kenna left is Brown and White. Irish marked is the typical pattern that you see on the majority of Siberian Huskies as it is the dominant pattern in this breed. Color extends over the head, neck, saddle, and top of the tail and covers the outside of the legs to an extent; white covers the chest, most of the belly, the inside of the legs, and the end tip and bottom side of the tail with the addition of white markings on the face.

The Piebald gene is recessive and both parents have to carry it in order to produce Piebald puppies. Mucca left is a Piebald and so is her daddy Kolby right! Wooly Siberians have a longer coat than what is considered standard by the AKC.

This is a recessive gene and both parents must carry it in order to produce Wooly puppies. This section explains Woollies in a bit more detail. Woollies require extra brushing to keep their coat from matting, so they can be a little more high maintenance than a standard coat.

They can be any color and pattern and produce offspring appropriate to each color. Siberian Huskies are one of the few breeds known for having blue eyes. Siberian Huskies with blue eyes can produce offspring with any other colored eyes, they will not always be blue like the parents. Unlike some other breeds, blue eyes are not a sign of blindness or skin discoloration and are completely healthy!

Blue eyes can be found on any color Siberian Husky! Brown eyes are also very common for Siberian Huskies. A lot of show dogs will have brown eyes because the almond shape eyes from the breed stadard are more easily seen on dark eyes, and blue eyes can sometimes give off the appearance of too much roundness in the eyes, which is a flaw.

Amber eyes are only found in genetically red Siberian Huskies, so you will only see them on Reds, Coppers, Red Piebalds, or Whites with liver points. They have the appearance of being green as young puppies but always eventually turn into the golden brown color amber. Siberian Huskies never have truly green eyes. Bi-eyes are a common occurance in Siberian Huskies and are perfectly acceptable in the show ring.

wooly agouti husky for sale

Bi eyes can be one blue eye and one brown eye, or one blue eye and one amber eye. Bi-eyes can be found on any color Siberian Husky!Although the Siberian Husky has a double coat downy soft undercoat and longer guard hairsthe hair should not be excessively long as with the dogs pictured on this page.

Long hair is not only a fault in a show dog Siberian, it can be dangerous in a working Siberian. The long hair collects snow, possibly causing irritation and injury.

It is also a concern because it takes longer to dry, a dangerous fault in extremely cold weather. We invite you to look at the differences between an appropriate length of coat and the overly long wooly type. Click on our names to go to our website home or to write to our owners. Please do not "borrow" images or text from this site without asking permission. We have invested hundreds of hours on this site and ask that you respect our intellectual property.

Created by Ann Hernandez Revised: February 17, We often grant permission to requests from other Siberian Husky sites to include our "Loki" image above, however, we request that the image is NOT to be used as part of any other site banners as it has been part of one of our site banners since Below us an updated copy visitors may use to link to our site.

Please, folks - don't plagiarize. If you want to make any of the material here available to your readers, just provide a link. Back To the Color Table. Wooly Coat Siberian Huskies. Maverick Our original featured Wooly Husky. Kiev USA. Bailey Maryland, USA. Boris Texas, USA. Mason Georgia, USA. Riah Illinois, USA. Fox Illinois, USA. Yukon Kentucky.There is often a brindle look to the coat because individual hairs are banded with multiple colors.

The coloring extends far down the legs and the faces are darker than normal. The lighter markings are cream instead of the more common bright white of the traditional "Irish coat" Siberian husky. A black tipped tail is common for an agouti. Click on our names to go to our website. Click on our home information to email our owners. Smudge Australia. Smudge Stacked Australia. Please do not "borrow" images or text from this site without asking permission.

We have invested hundreds of hours on this site and ask that you respect our intellectual property. Dark Blow time This shows how Siberians shed profusely, often in tuffs. Created by Ann Hernandez Revised: February 16, We often grant permission to requests from other Siberian Husky sites to include our "Loki" image above, however, we request that the image is NOT to be used as part of any other site banners as it has been part of one of our site banners since Below us an updated copy visitors may use to link to our site.

Siberian Huskies in NC

Please, folks - don't plagiarize. If you want to make any of the material here available to your readers, just provide a link. Back to the Color Table. Agouti Siberian Huskies. Mallory Norway Mallory as an Adult. Hex Norway Hex "stacked" position Hex when younger. Jasmini France. Ebonique Ontario, Canada. Wasatch Oregon, USA.

Sahdi Denmark. Laska England Laska as an Adult. Beaver Denmark.

wooly agouti husky for sale

Windy Oregon, USA. Smokee Ohio, USA. Laval Minnesota, USA.Champion Bloodlines Show Potential. Angel is a beautiful black and white female. She is such a sweet and beautiful baby girl. She has AKC Champion mine throughout her pedigree. She will come with a health guarantee Learn more View Details. Siberian Husky Male, 0 week Nashville, Tennessee.

Expecting new litter to be born around April, 20, Males and Females. Been raising Huskies for 25 years. Siberian Husky Female, 11 weeks Joplin, Missouri. This beautiful AKC registered little girl is ready for a family.

She is current on all her vaccinations and microchipped for her safety. Champion Bloodlines. At NorthStar we have some wonderful Siberian Husky puppies available right now. While we like to keep our puppies reasonable priced we have also gone above and beyond in selecting Our puppies come with akc registration The mom is a Gray and white with Blue Eyes, she weights 52 pounds. The dad is Black and white with Blue Hello I recently rehome this pretty girl. She is indoor can be outdoors sometimes.

She is perfect for a home with no other female dogs.

wooly agouti husky for sale

She's fine with everyone else; kids She will be ready to go April Luna is very playful and sweet. She has beautiful markings. She is always ready to play and explore. Luna is looking forward to her new family teaching her how to fetch a ball Ice is very playful and sweet. He is always ready to play and explore. Ice is looking forward to his new family teaching him how to fetch a ball, and taking lots of walksLearn more about Bama Huskies and how we may differ from other kennels by visiting our About Page.

The vitamins we use here at our kennels for our dogs and puppies can be found here dog and puppy vitamins. JavaScript required to play this video. Play Pause. Learn more about Bama Huskies and how we may differ from other kennels by visiting our About Page The vitamins we use here at our kennels for our dogs and puppies can be found here dog and puppy vitamins.

We have Siberian husky puppies for sale throughout each year. Is a Husky puppy a good fit for you? Huskies need plenty of daily exercise because they are high energy dogs!

They have a strong desire to run and play. If you can't give them the attention they need daily, then a Husky is not the right dog for you. Taking care of our Huskies is a full time job.

They don't stay in a pen all day. Our Huskies socialize with our other dogs and spend the hot summer days swimming in the pool. They are part of our family and enjoy big spacious kennels. If we are out in the yard having a family function they are out there in the middle of it all.

Siberian Huskies are some of the most loving dogs of any breed you can own. You won't find a better companion than a Siberian Husky. Our Huskies love kids and they are always ready to play. They never meet a stranger. Which is why they don't make good guard dogs. They aren't going to ward off intruders and may help them tote the loot out the door. All our puppies come with a health guarantee. AKC registered with first shots, de-wormed and we can even microchip them for a small fee which we highly recommend.

We have over 20 years experience breeding and raising puppies. Puppies are first come first serve and we don't breed for eye color. Don't pick out a puppy based on eye color. Pick your puppy based on personality and how it could fit in with your family. Not in Alabama? We serve all the surrounding states to help people get a quality AKC registered husky puppy from Bama Huskies. We pride ourselves in being a quality Siberian husky breeder in Alabama. It's head is triangular shaped with erect ears.

Most common colors are black and white, white and brown, and white and red. One of the most unique features about the husky is their eyes. They come in all different colors.

They can have sky blue eyes,brown eyes, or even one of each. We have even had a husky puppy that had one brown eye and one eye that was half brown and half blue. Huskies are the choice of working dog for sledding.


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